System z Solutions

Since 1989 Selenity has been a leading supplier of IBM System z (mainframe) software solutions.

Our independently selected solutions optimise the efficiency of z Systems. This could include security solutions to improve and tighten controls; storage and performance solutions to increase efficiency and optimise system resources and development and tuning tools which solve the problems of limited time and expertise with today’s contracted organisations.

Our System z software solutions include:


The IT security solutions allow customers to concentrate fully on implementing successful security policies, and to spend less time maintaining their mainframe RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret security systems. This is achieved through the world renowned leaders EKC’s (Eberhard Klemens Co.) suite of security solutions, ETF/A, ETF/R. E-SRF and E-Helpdesk.

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Storage & Performance:

New procedures like disk mirroring may minimise physical catalog failure possibilities, but the potential danger of logical mistakes (created by software faults or third party products) still exists. Routine works such as renaming of disk, removing or joining of catalogs take time and are often troublesome, and therefore reside at the bottom of a Storage Manager’s to-do list. With simple installation and integration into catalog concepts and significant performance advantages over all other mainframe catalog management solutions this can easily be managed through Hostsystems’ globally implemented CIM (Catalog Information Manager).

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REXX Extensions:

The mainframe programming language REXX is widely used for Rapid Application Development, Decision support, Executive Information Systems, and Automation. REXX is easy to learn and maintain, almost self-documenting and very efficient. Programs built with REXX are simple to maintain when compared with COBOL, PL/1 and assembler. Open Software Technologies’ REXXTOOLS/MVS extends the functionality of the language greatly.

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