Enable Expenses Mobile

Enable the Expenses Mobile app within your organisation...

Use Expenses Mobile for iPhone® and Android™ to maximise your mobile colleagues time by allowing them to record their expenses whenever and wherever they need to, directly from their device. The mobile app is FREE to download for registered users of Expenses.

There are two steps you need to take to enable users to take advantage of Expenses Mobile.

Step 1 - Enable Mobile Devices

1. Navigate from the Expenses Home screen to Administrative Settings | Tailoring | General Options.

2. Click the Mobile Devices tab.

3. Tick the Enable Mobile Devices checkbox to enable Expenses Mobile as a usable feature.


4. Click the save button to save the changes.

Step 2 – Provide access in a user's Access Role

In order for a user to use the Expenses Mobile app, they must be assigned an appropriate Access Role within Expenses. This allows you to roll out the Expenses Mobile app to groups of users by just activating the permissions on specific Access Roles or rolling out to your whole organisation by activating the permissions on all Access Roles.

1. Navigate from the Expenses Home screen to Administrative Settings | User Management | Access Roles.

2. Once you have entered the Access Roles screen you will see the different roles within your organisation. Click the edit icon next to the role which you want to provide access to Expenses Mobile.

3. Within the Access Roles screen you will see a list of all the access permissions. Activate the following options:

  • Product Access - Mobile


  • Miscellaneous - Mobile Devices


4. Once you have activated these two options, click save at the bottom of the page. Users who have this Access Role assigned will now have access to Expenses Mobile using their Expenses logon credentials.