e-Form Software

Create Online Forms to Automate Any Type of Workflow

Look at the desk of any employee and you're likely to see paper forms. Forms that need signing, forms with questions, forms with printed policies, and forms that must be moved around the organisation to make things happen.

Typically a form is sent to various departments to notify managers, capture signatures and ensure the appropriate steps are followed.

These forms can include;

  • Change in circumstances
  • Starters and leavers
  • Additional hours

Bottlenecks and lost paperwork open the door for many problems; solving them can typically save as much as £1m from the overall salary bill.

Introducing GreenLight...

Accessed through your web browser, GreenLight removes the need for paper-based forms and requests. Multiple scenarios are handled with ease and decisions based on responses are handled automatically without delay, eliminating unnecessary steps and preventing errors from occurring.

With GreenLight you will see a reduction in your processing costs involved with locating, filling out, archiving, and routing forms for review or approval. You can control the process, drive efficiency, facilitate collaboration and improve consistency across the organisation.




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