Search your contract data and confirm invoices

Online invoice reconciliation and savings

It has been reported that around 15% of supplier invoices are inaccurate.

With Selenity Framework, you can easily check a received invoice against the forecasted spend amount, ensuring that invoices are accurate prior to payment and they are based on what is contractually agreed.

Tracking Invoices

Selenity Framework tracks invoice statuses. The status can be modified at each stage of the authorisation and payment process, enabling approved personnel access to the information they require.

Budget Forecasting

It is invaluable for every organisation to be able to forecast what the future expenditure is likely to be in any given area of the business.

Selenity Framework creates forecasting spend schedules for each contract, each amount being accurate to the contracted payment terms.

Selenity Framework's flexible management reporting allows accurate business intelligence and spend forecasting.

Monitor Savings

Rationalising suppliers and renegotiating contracts can yield significant savings and reduce year on year costs.

Selenity Framework logs the savings you have made from renegotiations. Reviewing these logged savings can help to justify future spend and enable proactive decision making.

Document Management

Documentation relating to the contract, supplier or product can be attached to Selenity Framework ensuring all details can be referenced immediately.

When a file is attached in Selenity Framework, it is uploaded and stored in a secure location. A sequence suffix will be appended to differentiate between the different files avoiding file duplication. A file storage structure shows the available directories in an organised manner where attached files can be stored.


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