Accurate reporting is vital in making informed business decisions

If you can’t quickly access pertinent information, such as forecast costs or cancellation/renewal dates you could be opening your company up to a number of financially destructive implications.

Producing accurate, reliable and timely information, on the status of a company’s contractual obligations, suppliers and the costs that govern that relationship, plays a vital role in your company’s profitability.

Selenity Framework will reduce the time spent by procurement staff by 50% for contracted spend reporting, reducing the administrative load, ensuring management received more timely and clearer information, and most importantly ensure they effectively support ongoing contract management and negotiation.

Reports that used to take hours to complete now take only seconds!

To further enhance the existing reporting suite Selenity Framework now contains a user-friendly, intuitive reporting wizard. This was inherently designed with users in mind and allows you to report on any of the information in the repository, quickly and simply.

One new feature to highlight is the ability to perform numerous types of calculations on any data reported from Selenity Framework. For example, you can calculate the “average” contract value sorted by contract category.

However, what our clients have found the most conducive is the ability to schedule reports:

  • A user can schedule any report to run at a specific time and to be received by a single user, multiple users or a specified team, for example the procurement team.
  • These reports can be emailed directly to a users inbox with formats including excel, .csv or uploaded directly onto an ftp site, for importing into other systems.

There are many individuals who will benefit from receiving regularly scheduled reports, these include:

  • Contract Owner: The contracts up for review that month

  • Budget Manager: Current contracted spend broken down by department

  • Finance Department: Forecasted invoice amounts

  • Legal Department: Contracts that require written cancellation or termination

Additional Features include:

Flexible & Dynamic Reporting - When creating a report, you can select columns, sequence fields, sort, group, subtotal & add criteria filters. Once a report has been run, it is possible to “drag and drop“ to manually group by any number of columns, for quick data manipulation. Selenity Framework allows dynamic criteria to be added to reports. For example, for a personal report which shows the contracts coming up for review, the user can specify the date parameter, at the time the report is run. The configured reports can be saved for quick access.

Report Printing - At the top of the screen there is a ‘printer friendly’ button that converts the report from a formatted structure to a flat structure that is more suitable to a paper based report.  Effectively, clicking this button expands all branches to make all report rows visible on paper.

Report Exports - Reports can be exported to excel or a csv file, printed or forwarded as an email attachment.

Report Charting - Selenity Framework provides the ability to export reports to Pivot Tables and create Pivot Charts for interactive graphical analysis of data. You can change views of data, see different levels of detail, or reorganize the chart layout by dragging fields and by showing or hiding items in fields. 


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