Access to your contracts securely from anywhere in the world

Central repository for contract and supplier information

Selenity Framework can store all contracts, attachments and supplier information in one easy to view central repository enabling easy access of all contract information, for any given project, at the touch of a button.

Managing multiple contracts in a central repository increases the visibility of all contract information including pricing, maintenance charges, purchase orders and other relevant financial data.

Many organisations struggle with finding a contract; this is before they can even start to embark on ensuring its compliance or maximising the contract's value. Introducing a central contract repository allows users to search for contract information by name, category or any given attribute.

Is it secure?

Ensuring secure access to data is imperative. Selenity Framework utilises role assignments giving organisations the ability to design profiles that categorise different users. These roles are then assigned access rights and the areas of the application they are entitled to utilise.

In addition to role assignments and access rights, all users accessing the system will additionally be assigned a unique user name and password.

Furthermore, an Audit Log will report on actions that occur in Selenity Framework, and any changes made to a contract are also logged in the Contract History Details.

Find information

With an online repository all information is available through a few simple clicks with either the quick search or advanced search options.

Examples of data that can stored, found and reported on:

•    Pertinent contract information e.g. expiry dates, value
•    Suppliers, products and customers
•    Secure attachments - contracts, SLAs etc
•    Contract schedules and variations
•    Audit log of activities by employee
•    Employees associated with each contract/supplier/product
•    Communication history
•    Linked contracts


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