Sharing data with Selenity's API

Selenity’s API opens the door for integration into existing implemented software including Human Resources, Payroll and Finance packages.

Selenity’s API (Application Programming Interface) contains a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing data rich areas of our highly configurable online expenses management software, Selenity Expenses. These data rich areas will allow your applications and system to share data and automate processes without the need of manual intervention.

APIs allow data sharing between organisations and their IT systems, providing a method of seamlessly distributing data and allowing business growth through the design of advanced online solutions. APIs are primarily software-to-software interfaces, not user interfaces, meaning the applications can communicate with each other without user intervention, once they have been developed to do so.

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of using Selenity’s API are vast and very specific to allow an organisation to configure and develop their interface. From a basic standpoint, a great reduction of administration time and laborious tasks associated with large data transfers, will be evident in whichever features are utilised.

Viewed more broadly, Selenity’s API opens the door for integration into existing implemented software including Human Resources, Payroll and Finance packages.

Are you looking to...?

Get new starters from Human Resources systems and populate Selenity Expenses? 

The ability to develop an interface which will allow currently implemented HR systems to push through new starters and populate Selenity Expenses with the data. This automation provides time savings from reduction of the administration burden and also helps streamline the new starter process within an organisation.

Retrieve and query data for Duty of Care Documents due to expire? 

Ensuring duty of care documents are kept up to date can be a significant and time consuming task. The ability to make an API call which will provide a list of employees, their duty of care documents and when these are due to expire, will allow a process to be developed to automate duty of care management further.

Update exchange rates from (or similar)?

This task is one that may need to be performed regularly with ever fluctuating exchange rates for currencies around the world. The API will allow an organisation to develop an interface that sets schedules for when or how often exchanges rates are automatically updated within the Selenity Expenses database by pushing the updates received from (or similar) removing the need for manual data entry.

Automate the updating of available project codes? 

Certain industries and organisations use a wide array of project codes that are changing on a regular basis. Selenity’s API will now provide the possibility to automate the process of updating these codes; providing an efficient and cost effective service.

Import and maintain processes?

The ability to import and maintain different aspects of address in your system is a benefit which is available using the Selenity API.

You can perform tasks such as adding/updating/deleting addresses, configuring account wide labels for addresses and adding and deleting recommended distances.

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