Return on investment

The transition to using our configurable online expenses management software takes, on average, 6-8 weeks, and is a quick and easy process thanks to the intuitive nature of the software and the excellent help and support available online. Join hundreds of organisations around the world that have already benefited from Selenity Expenses, including 67% of the NHS.

Everyone can submit claims quickly and accurately, with polices easy to access and claims easy to complete, with no in-depth knowledge of accounting required to ensure maximum VAT is reclaimed.

Each claim will be sent to line managers by email with easy access to full policy details for that individual - exceptions, limits, documentation, potential fraud warnings, etc - making one click authorisation possible in almost all cases.

Through Intelligent Reporting, senior management will gain unrivalled insight into the expenses flow and quickly see areas that can readily be streamlined. Management will also enjoy reassurance that the company is fully compliant and protected from fraud.

Return on Investment from a multitude of sources, on a continual basis 

•    Quick and easy implementation in 6-8 weeks.
•    At least 50% less time taken in expenses claiming and approval.
•    Maximum VAT recovery with minimal effort.
•    Seamless enforcement of duty of care and policy compliance.

Navigate expenses minefields with ease thanks to Selenity Expenses… 

•    Tax and VAT recovery made simple to offer huge savings.
•    Policy compliance becomes easy and automatic.
•    Duty of care management streamlined with built-in tracking and alerting.


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