One click approval and delegate logon

No more bottlenecks, our online expenses management software allows one click approval and improves accuracy – it’s the definitive ‘win-win’

Everyone at your company with the authority to approve expense claims will be able to do so with one click, even from their smartphone thanks to the Expenses Mobile app.

All this speed comes with improved accuracy as each claim is pre-checked by the software to ensure it complies with the specifics of your company policy in relation to the claimant’s job role. Exceptions, limits, documentation and potential fraud warnings are all flagged up, for one click authorisation with complete confidence.

All supporting evidence (such as MOT certificates, receipts photographed by smartphone or mileage calculations by GPS) is supplied with the claim, and any issues that need resolving can be dealt with swiftly, as it’s just as easy for managers to raise a query, sending back the whole claim or just the item in question.

Once click approval ‘on the go’ and when line managers are on holiday too

  • Approval by smartphone with the Expenses Mobile app.
  • Approval during holiday time thanks to assign a delegate.

Let your people give colleagues access to their Selenity Expenses account so that claims can be approved in their absence.

Keep expenses claims flowing through the system, even when key people are away, through the Assign a Delegate feature. No more bottlenecks when a line manager is on holiday, as claims are automatically routed to the delegate for approval.

Say goodbye to bottlenecks, delays and frustrations

  • Fully identifiable audit of all delegate actions.


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