Interfacing with the NHS

67% of the NHS in England and Wales are using our leading employee expenses management solution.

Developed by working closely with the NHS through five iterations of our NHS expenses management software, our bi-directional interface with the ESR makes use of all the data held in the NHS system. Keeping its integrity unique and up-to-date, it allows the capture of data outside ESR parameters for greater efficiencies and wider insights. This approach is why Selenity Expenses is the market leader for the NHS.

Our bi-directional interface includes Vehicle Records from the Vehicle Repository and Vehicle Allocations within ESR; saving you significant time and improving data accuracy within your Selenity Expenses and ESR systems.

NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ Mileage Reimbursement

Our NHS expenses management solution already supports the new ‘Agenda for Change’ arrangements for reimbursing NHS staff that use their vehicles for work (which came into force July 2013). This adds to a long list of bespoke NHS mileage features such as Lease Car, Home to Base, Consultants Mileage and many others.


Why the NHS are using our online NHS Expenses software

Proven Savings ESR Integration Mobile & GPS
Easy Entry Journey Validation Home To Office DVLA Integration
Dashboards Configurability System Integration

•    Proven savings - Unrivalled cost reductions to over 200 Trusts!
•    ESR integration - Single sign on, bi-directional data, messaging 
•    Mobile, GPS and OCR - Track and submit claims on the go 
•    Easy entry journey validation - Business names, road junctions, street names
•    Home to office - Ensure accuracy and reduce overspend
•    DVLA integration - Reduce corporate risk with licence checks
•    Dashboards - Spend and trend analysis 
•    Configurability - The most configurable expenses system for the NHS
•    System integration - Sharing data between applications, connect to any rostering system 
•    Innovation - Committed to continually delivering new features
•    Easy data entry – no need to input or duplicate what ESR already holds.
•    Address+ feature finds addresses without postcodes.
•    Route+ feature gives your people a route for their journey, in line with policy of shortest or fastest journey.

Additional features of particular value to the NHS…

•    A secure system – how our NHS expenses software protects your data.
•    Policy compliance tailored to your organisation and the law of the land.
•    Duty of care management, make sure all driving documents are up-to-date.


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