Intelligent Expenses Management Reporting

Let your team fully understand - and then improve - your expenses costs using 100+ standard reports and unlimited bespoke reports.

The easy to use Expenses reports feature enables a fast and efficient way to generate management information and costs analytics with speed and ease. With over 100 standard built in reports, that can be compiled and emailed automatically to key managers each month, your management team will quickly gain a crystal clear overview of your expenses – by department, by code, by individual and across any time-frame. Savings, streamlining and innovative alternatives will soon be the aim of your teams, resulting in a speedy return on investment.

Audit and compliance, expense items spend, spend by department, costs codes, frequent over claimers… these are just a handful of the standard reports available with our online expenses software.

Customisable reports

This extensive and powerful feature allows an organisation to report on almost every field within their Expenses system. Featuring quick search, drag and drop functionality, real time view and customisable charts; you can analyse accurate information with minimal effort.

The user-friendly report builder makes adding report columns and filters a simple process, whilst the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functionality allows easy grouping of reports by a specific field or fast ‘drill-down' into the data for a specific expense item.  A real time preview allows a user to envisage how their full report will display, without the need to amend and re-run each time a change is made. Pairing this with customisable charts results in a specific and easy to analyse report which can be shared with other departments.

Reports can be exported into a number of formats such as Excel, for further analysis including a range of graphs and diagrams to really reveal ‘the bigger picture’. Report exports can also be scheduled, which provides further control over when and how often key reports are shared with others.

Understand your expenses outgoings and see where savings can be made: 

  • Over 100 standard reports built-in.
  • Create bespoke reports with the built-in wizard.
  • Export into standard spreadsheet formats including .csv, Excel or Flat File.
  • Automatically schedule report generation and email distribution.
  • Easy analysis to see where savings can be made.

Online expenses management gives you the insights you need… 



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