Intelligent expense management reporting

Capitalise on your data

Employee T&E costs is one of the top three areas of business spend yet also represents one of the top areas where spend can be reduced. Expenses spend management reporting provides a heightened level of visibility, not only giving transparency of your organisation’s overall spend and claiming habits, but also allowing you to analyse and drill down into individual areas of spend, enabling more informed decision making for cost reduction opportunities and policy change.

Through the automation of the expense claiming process, your annual expense spend will naturally decrease by 15% to 18%. This is simply because claiming is effortless with inbuilt corporate policies, and employees are more vigilant through visibility of claim limits and policy exceptions.

Analysing expenses spend

Selenity Expenses spend management reporting provides the valuable information to report on and drill down to every item entered to ensure your employees are claiming accurately within your corporate T&E policy revealing instantly:

  • Duplicate expense items
  • Expense items claimed during the weekend
  • Spend patterns
  • Inconsistent mileage to the same location
  • Employees claiming to travel to the same location on the same day
  • Home workers claiming to travel to the office excessively
  • Expense items with no reason for travel
  • Expense items missing a VAT receipt
  • Most over claimed expense item
  • Most frequent and least frequent location/customers visited
  • Most frequent approvers approving out of policy expense items

Standard reports

Standard Reports are grouped into categories to help you easily find your reports, facilitating optimised and simple querying and minimising the report creation time. Additionally, ‘Save As’ functionality is available to the user to duplicate a similar report, negating the need to build any additional reports from scratch. Furthermore, the user report writing interface is a flexible tool used to create and edit reports with complete control over the rows, columns and content, offering complex queries and in depth data analysis without the need for comprehensive database and report writing knowledge.

Expenses Reports List

Accessible reporting

Seamlessly integrated, Selenity Expenses reporting is essentially designed with users in mind and allows you to report on any of the employee expenses information collected both quickly and simply. Analysing detailed spend reports has never been simpler. 

Selenity Expenses reporting is accessed through a web browser, where you have the option to either select the required report from a suite of 100+ standard reports, or create your own custom reports.

The report writing interface utilises a clear-cut 4-step wizard allowing you to create reports on data specific to your requirements:

  • Compose a report name, to easily identify the new report 
  • Decide on the information to report on, for example expense items
  • Filter the information to show only the required information, such as within a specific date range
  • Confirm and activate the report

Expenses Building Reports

Turning your data into business intelligence

All reports can be viewed within the reporting module interface on screen with the powerful option to use the Drag & Drop function to group by a specific field and drill right down to a specific expense item. By selecting filter criteria of a specific date or range, or for all employees, a specific group, or an individual the system presents what you want to review, hiding the rest temporarily. Alternatively, all data can be exported to .csv or Microsoft Excel as either a spreadsheet or pivot table for further examination, introducing calculated fields to concatenate or create averages, or sort by minimum or maximum totals. 

Selenity Expenses facilitates the analysis of spend providing real evidence to make changes to your policy which will bring continuous savings to your organisation. For example, if your organisation has multiple sites you may want to analyse the cost of employees travelling between sites. A cost effective alternative could be a regular shuttle bus, which may not only save you money, but also relieve parking congestion and reduce CO2 emissions.

Adding even greater efficiency, reports can be scheduled to run automatically and the output emailed to recipients, providing a real-time view of expenses related activity.

Online expenses management gives you the insights you need… 


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