Insurance Validation Checks

1 in 5 drivers fail their insurance checks.

We offer an insurance checking service to help keep your grey fleet safe!

Making sure your employees have the right insurance to drive is your responsibility. With 14 million grey fleet vehicles on the road, we've found that 21% have the wrong insurance! That's a scary fact and something that you can't ignore. Managing and checking this can be cumbersome and time consuming so that's why we can give you a helping hand.

The implications for the employee are fairly obvious; roadside fine of £300 and six penalty points. If the case goes to court then there is an unlimited fine, driving disqualification and the vehicle seized and destroyed. However, employers too, can be on the hook for fines and potentially worse, if it’s deemed they haven’t carried out the necessary checks of driving licences, MOT certificates, and insurance documents.

It’s a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act for employers to check at least once a year that their employees are safe and legally allowed to drive for work purposes.

Whether your employee is driving to a customer meeting half way across the country or driving to the shop to pick up milk during the working day – they must have, at the very minimum, Class 1 business insurance to cover their journey. 

Ensuring the validity of your employees insurance protects your employees and your organisation.

What does the service offer?

Our expert validation team ensure the information claimants have entered is correct, and their insurance allows them to travel on business. If the insurance validation fails, the claimant is blocked from making a mileage claim that is linked to the car on the insurance document. The service provides an efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring your employees are insured to drive for business.

Check your drivers are safe on the road today! 


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