Fuel Cards

Using Selenity Expenses for fuel card processing

Award-winning expenses management software Selenity Expenses has extensive features for handling mileage claims particularly for clients using fuel cards.

The benefits include:

  • Accurate recording of personal mileage
  • Off-card and on-card fuel purchase reconciliation
  • Multi-car management for instances when changing cars or using hire cars etc

If you look at the history of a claimant with fuel cards you will see several types of transaction, some of which are generated automatically. You will see:

  • The fuel card payment
  • Other fuel receipts
  • Business mileage claims
  • Personal mileage claims
  • Amount of repayment (if any)

Additionally the odometer reading may be recorded.

When a company uses fuel cards it is often decided to allocate a card to be used for a single vehicle. This can give the best control and reporting but, various real life scenarios can occur. The scenarios can include: filling up without using the fuel card, getting a new card, changing vehicles, using the fuel card with the wrong car.

The questions that need to be raised in order to appropriately configure Selenity Expenses include:

  • Will the fuel card payments be imported from the fuel card statement or manually by the claimant entering the receipts (as a fuel card receipt)?
  • Will fuel cards be used for more than one vehicle?
  • How do you currently manage personal miles? Companies use a number of models for handling personal miles that can significantly alter the decision on what is the appropriate process.


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