Ensure policy compliance & eliminate fraudulent expense claims

Our online expenses management software expedites compliance at every stage of the expenses process, making fraud (accidental or deliberate) near impossible to commit.

If 100 employees over-claim by 50 miles each week and your policy pays out 45p a mile, your company will lose £100,000 a year in over-claims. With approximately 68% of UK organisations reporting more than 10% of their employee expense claims falling outside their corporate T&E policy, there is a pressing need for tighter controls across the expenses claiming process.

Selenity Expenses can be your greatest asset in this, with the online software revealing: 

  • Items claimed above the policy threshold
  • Duplicate expense items
  • Weekend expense claims
  • Inconsistent mileage to the same location
  • Employees claiming to travel separately to the same location on the same day
  • Home workers claiming to travel to the office excessively, prompting tax liabilities

The software allows everyone to see full details of the company’s expenses policy so they can make a fully informed decision before making a purchase they plan to claim for. Each claim is pre-checked by the software to ensure it complies with the specifics of your company policy in relation to the claimant’s job role, with exceptions, limits, documentation and potential fraud warnings flagged, making errors of judgement near impossible, accidently or on purpose.

Make compliance easy and fraud almost impossible with Selenity Expenses 

  • Easy to read company policy for each employee.
  • Compliance facilitated as the claim is made, drawing on data already held and using very specific questioning.
  • Compliance facilitated when a claim is processed, with exceptions, limits, documentation and potential fraud warnings all presented to the approver with the claim.


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