Duty Of Care Management

The easy and efficient way to ensure your organisation complies with all legislation designed to keep employees safe on the road.

Driving is considered to be one of the most dangerous activities for employees to undertake for work purposes. Out of the high number of fatal road casualties occurring in Great Britain every year, between 600-750 incidents are people or vehicles in work-related crashes. 

The Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007 means that if your organisation does not fully embrace its duty of care responsibilities, you are at significant risk should an employee have an accident at work, and this now includes personal liability of senior directors. There can be financial costs in terms of insurance and legal fees, alongside a cost to your corporate reputation, which may never recover.

"With so many of our staff using their own cars for University business, it is so important for us to make sure we have the correct checks in place to support our responsibilities for duty of care and the safety of staff members.

Expenses has in-built features that will check every driver has a valid driver’s licence, MOT certificate, insurance covering driving in work hours and so on, prior to recording any mileage expenses claims."

Ian Hodson, Rewards and Benefits Manager, University of Lincoln

Managing your duty of care

Expenses is a huge asset when it comes to duty of care, monitoring employees in terms of driving on company business, even in their own vehicles.

Expenses' intuitive duty of care functionality allows you to manage all your employees' vehicle and driving licence documents, with a full audit history. Removing the burden on managers, claimants upload their own documents; the system then sends an email notification to administrators that documents are ready for approval, streamlining the entire process.

Driver and vehicle documents stored against employees are;

  • Employee details
  • Driving licence
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Class 1 business insurance
  • MOT
  • Tax
  • Service
  • Breakdown cover

Checking an employee has a valid driving licence, along with vehicle insurance – including business use – and ensuring a vehicle is roadworthy and well maintained are crucial tasks. Failure to check licences, or reimbursing expenses payments without adequate licence checks could be interpreted as causing or permitting illegal behaviour.

Notifications of renewals dates for documentation

Recording key details of renewals and limitations within Expenses, through automated email notifications and pre-defined intelligent reports, you are warned well in advance when action is required to stay legal. As an added incentive to prompt renewal, mileage claims can be suspended as part of company policy should any of these documents go out-of-date.

Automatic Duty of Care Checks

Expenses offers an enhanced duty of care service allowing you to carry out automatic checks of driver and vehicle data. The only expenses solution to use data sourced from the DVLA database, the service provides an efficient and cost-effective way to authenticate driving licence validity, and populates entitlement and endorsement data within your Expenses system. Vehicle look-ups provide real-time accuracy of vehicle MOT and Tax.

In addition, the Risk Assess feature allows you to increase the frequency of automatic checks based on a variety of parameters including drivers with penalty points or those who cover a lot of miles throughout the year.

Learn more about automatic duty of care checks.

Powerful insights when it comes to any driving undertaken on company business

  • Centralised storage of all vehicle and driving licence documents.
  • Full audit history of documents helps to protect your organisation if required to prove duty of care responsibilities.
  • Vehicle and driver documentation sourced using data sourced from DVLA and populated within your Expenses system.
  • Automatic checks and reminders on vehicles, tax, MOT, insurance, service and breakdown.
  • Automatic reporting on excessive mileage within one day by one employee.
  • Report on all information within the duty of care feature.

Keep your organisation compliant and your people safe… 

  • Automatic driver and vehicle checks using data sourced from the DVLA.
  • Policy compliance tailored to your organisation and the law of the land.
  • Help and support to guide everyone in making correct and compliant claims.



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