Claimant support

Transitional claimant support

Using our online expenses management software Selenity Expenses is really easy, and most claimants learn how to do it very quickly and enjoy doing it.

We provide that little bit of extra help - it might be that you have some users who aren’t as familiar
with an online world, or they just want some reassurance when using a new system for the first time -
to manage the change efficiently. We assist claimants and approvers guiding them through logging in
for the first time, offer reassurance when adding and submitting their claims and provide peace of
mind when checking the progress of their claim. This extends to any questions regarding how to use
the new service ensuring a positive user experience.

Our experience confirms that the most calls received by users is in the first three months of transition.
This is the period where there may be an increased demand on Payroll and Finance departments.
Users need to feel reassured. Most of the calls are not necessarily about how to use the new service,
but reassurance as they find it’s a better way to reclaim their expenses. In many cases the questions
include “Why is the mileage different to the distance I travelled?”, or “When will my claim be paid?”
and “How do I know whether my expenses have been approved?”

Let us lighten the load

At the heart of the Selenity support operation is the Service Desk. The Service Desk team
understands your users and expends upon their knowledge and expertise to support them and guide
them through making their first claim.

Reduce the impact on your internal resources and leverage our knowledge and expertise.

  • Experts. We don’t just provide a person to answer your calls but instead provide you
  • with a complete team of experts which means we can answer your queries, fast.
  • Dedicated Number. You will be provided with a dedicated Service Desk telephone
  • number.
  • Ownership. All calls and queries will be logged and tracked by the allocated support
  • owner until they are resolved.
  • Visibility. You will be provided with a summary report of all calls, showing the exact
  • queries, the resolutions and outcomes.
  • Responsive. We aim to answer all calls within three rings, with a First Time Fix Rate
  • above 80%.
  • Supporting. Employees are motivated and kept productive by managing their queries
  • promptly with a helpful and friendly telephone support service.

Ensure a smooth and successful deployment across your organisation by managing your process
change with Selenity’s Transitional Claimant Support Service.


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