Carbon Footprint Management

Record and analyse the data that reveals your carbon footprint… realise the most effective ways to reduce it… keep one step ahead of environmental legislation.

Reducing your carbon footprint starts with understanding how big it is and what is contributing to that size. This is increasingly becoming a necessity. Mandatory Emissions Reporting is the latest legislative requirement with - no doubt - more to follow.

The data recorded by our Expenses management software will let you understand your emissions easily and accurately, enabling new procedures and policies to dramatically reduce your environmental impact, such as shared transport arrangements or limiting business travel to approved airlines that are carbon neutral.

Key areas to analyse are travel, with the types of flights taken and the vehicles used being recorded as a matter of course within Expenses. This data will reveal which departments and activities generate the highest levels of emissions, paving the way for new environmental policies that anticipate legislation to come.

Keep ahead of emissions legislation with accurate and highly automated reporting 

  • Support in measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the latest Mandatory Emissions Reporting.
  • Automatic recording of flights including domestic, short haul or long haul categories.
  • Group mileage by vehicle type and engine size.

Get the overview of your carbon footprint… 



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