Enhanced Driver & Vehicle Checks

Introducing the only expenses solution to use data sourced from the DVLA database.

The enhanced duty of care feature within Expenses, allows you to carry out automatic checking of driver and vehicle data.

Driver & Vehicle Check LogoThe service provides an efficient and cost-effective way to authenticate driving licence validity, and populates entitlement and endorsement data within your Expenses management system. Vehicle look-ups provide real-time accuracy of vehicle MOT and Tax.

In addition, the Risk Assess feature allows you to increase the frequency of automatic checks based on a variety of parameters including drivers with penalty points or those who cover a lot of miles throughout the year.

Why should you care?

There's over 25,000 illegal drivers in the UK. If they work with you and they claim business travel they could be putting your organisation at risk. That’s because your organisation has a legal duty of care towards employees making work-related journeys regardless of vehicle ownership.

To put it simply this means that if an employee is banned from driving or has no vehicle MOT and you haven’t taken reasonable steps to check, you could be responsible for any accident that occurs on the road. This includes imprisonment or large fines of up to £20m in cases of corporate manslaughter!

When you look at the hard facts...

  • 14 million grey fleet vehicles in the UK today
  • 8 million people drive on company business every day

...you need to be taking your duty of care seriously.

The real benefits of Driver & Vehicle Check

Driver & Vehicle Check ModulesAccuracy - Using data sourced from the DVLA will ensure that the records are as accurate as possible. There is a reduced risk of misinterpreted information, fraud and dishonesty. 

Compliance - Automating the duty of care process will help ensure that your organisation is compliant with its duty of care responsibilities. You can prevent the payment of mileage until accurate records are in place. 

Reduce Risk - Identifies and dynamically monitors ‘at risk’ drivers demonstrating that your business is a responsible employer

Reduce Administrative Burden - Further improving upon the standard Duty of Care functionality, removing the need for manual entry and review of driver and vehicle information will save time for your claimants and administrators.

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