Accurate mileage calculations

Frequently over-claimed by employees, mileage has traditionally been a major headache for the finance department. Award-winning expenses management software Selenity Expenses uses the latest online route finding technology to accurately calculate the distance travelled by employees (either the shortest or quickest route, depending on your policy). The calculation is made by simply entering a start and stop postcode, making sure claims are 100% accurate and do not need to be double checked by line managers.

Real-time mileage validation

When claiming mileage, employees can enter multiple places visited throughout the course of their duties taken each day, with the option to specify the number of passengers on a precise leg of the journey. By simply entering a journey start and finish postcode or a previously entered address name, the system will instantly calculate the correct mileage.

Expenses Mileage Grid

Accurate distances are automatically populated from the mileage postcode to postcode look-up service and can be adjusted by the claimant. Changing a recommended distance will automatically flag the mileage section of the claim, which will be visible to the claimant and to the approver. Claimants can justify any excess mileage in the “Other Details” box to provide justification. Maps are also available as an additional option.

Home to Location mileage functionality

Selenity Expenses allows claimants to enter their journeys. A range of rules can be configured to support typical home to office/location calculations. The complexity is masked from the user, they simply enter the postcodes for their journey.

Expenses Home to Office Deductions

Enhanced mileage logic

The enhanced mileage functionality automates complicated rules around, lease car mileage, excess mileage, overtime, emergency callout and training mileage, relocation mileage and mileage threshold reduction.

Store Locations

Selenity Expenses allows addresses to be stored by any specified naming conventions. This could include store names or branch numbers. As you can see below Selenity Expenses can search an address already stored within the system, add a new address by using a postcode look-up system, view most visited addresses and view last visited addresses. All functions will assist with automatic mileage calculations when inputting a claim for mileage.

Individual employees may also report on their own claimed mileage without being able to see that of others; this may be important to the individual at tax year end if a P87 is being completed. The system may also be configured to request the odometer reading from the employee at the time of submitting a claim, which then allows analysis of business versus personal mileage.

Expenses Mobile capture

As well as entering postcode to postcode, Expenses Mobile allows you to capture your journey using GPS mileage capture. Simply hit start, add any stops along the way and then finish. The journey is automatically captured and added to your claim.

Expenses Mobile GPS

How Selenity Expenses makes mileage easy to claim 

•    Automatic calculations of shortest or quickest route.
•    Saved addresses so they need only be entered in full once.
•    Address+ feature finds addresses without postcodes.
•    Route+ feature prescribes a route for any journey, in line with policy of shortest or fastest journey.
•    With smartphone and GPS facilities via the Expenses Mobile app.

NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ Mileage Reimbursement

For NHS organisations, Selenity Expenses already supports the new ‘Agenda for Change’ arrangements for reimbursing NHS staff that use their vehicles for work (which came into force July 2013). Selenity Expenses has supported NHS expenses claims through five iterations of the software, with bespoke mileage features such as Lease Car, Home to Base, Consultants Mileage and many others.

More smart working practices when you travel… 

•    Smartphone app with GPS: The Expenses Mobile app records mileage automatically with your phone.
•    Carbon footprint management, understand and control your emissions.
•    Duty of care management, make sure all driving documents are up to date.


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