Accurate Mileage Calculations

Expenses Mobile using sophisticated route and mileage software, including GPS technology, Expenses delivers accurate mileage calculations with minimal effort.  

Frequently over-claimed by employees, mileage has traditionally been a major headache for the finance department. Expenses uses the latest online route finding technology to accurately calculate the distance travelled by employees (either the shortest or quickest route, depending on your policy). The calculation is made by simply entering a start and stop postcode, making sure claims are 100% accurate and do not need to be double checked by line managers.

Mileage calculations can easily be annotated to take into account pertinent circumstances like multiple destinations on one journey, passengers carried at certain points, and changes in mileage from the default calculation caused by unavoidable detours like roadworks.

And with the new Expenses Mobile including GPS, mileage recording can be completely automated and 100% accurate.

How Expenses makes mileage easy to claim 

•    Automatic calculations of shortest or quickest route.
•    Saved addresses so they need only be entered in full once.
•    Address+ feature finds addresses without postcodes.
•    Route+ feature prescribes a route for any journey, in line with policy of shortest or fastest journey.
•    With smartphone and GPS facilities via the Expenses Mobile app.

NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ Mileage Reimbursement 

For NHS organisations, Expenses already supports the new ‘Agenda for Change’ arrangements for reimbursing NHS staff that use their vehicles for work (which came into force July 2013). Expenses has supported NHS expenses claims through five iterations of the software, with bespoke mileage features such as Lease Car, Home to Base, Consultants Mileage and many others.

More smart working practices when you travel… 

•    Smartphone app with GPS: The Expenses Mobile app records mileage automatically with your phone.
•    Carbon footprint management, understand and control your emissions.
•    Duty of care management, make sure all driving documents are up to date.



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