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Effectively control and manage your contracts with our flexible, simple and intuitive contract management solution, Framework.

Framework is an efficient contract management system that allows you to monitor and analyse your business contracts.

Effective control of your procurement and customer contracts

Framework is our browser based solution that automates the administration of your buy-side and sell-side contracts and centralises all associated information into one central repository that is globally accessible. Based on industry knowledge, best practices and customer-led development, with Framework you will receive a quick implementation tailored to your exact requirements.

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Smarter Contract Management

For many organisations the process of managing their contracts is manual. This antiquated process isn't collaborative enough to keep up with today's fast-moving economy.

Discover how collaborative contract management solutions make managing your contracts more efficient and effective.

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Smarter Contract Management

10 Minute Health Check

We've developed a 10 minute health check document to help you identify your immediate contract management challenges, identify causes and to understand the impact these are having on your organisation.

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10 Minute Health Check

Central repository

Access to your contracts securely from anywhere in the world via the internet.

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Maximise contract management compliance and processes

Ensure contract compliance and improve process with real-time email alerts of contract renewals and termination dates, and scheduled tasks.

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Flexible, fully configured and user friendly

Enjoy the flexibility of a contract management system that is completely configured to your business needs by our PRINCE2 registered Practitioner Professional Services team.

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Unique data reporting

Monitor, control and analyse your contracts with the extensive reporting capabilities.

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Scan, store and instantly access contract and supplier information

Scan, store and instantly access your contract and supplier documents to reference your contractual obligations on easily-tailored screens. 

Benefit from a user-friendly contract management system, designed for everyday use by professionals in multiple departments and business units with restricted access where necessary.

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Online invoice reconciliation and savings

Quickly and easily search your contract data, confirm invoices against agreed costs, monitor the status of suppliers, receive automatic alerts for key events, and make informed business decisions.


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Online visibility to track and set alerts

Store contract and third-party notes to track correspondence history.

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Enhance supplier management processes

Improve supplier management practices by providing contract and procurement executives with improved visibility to company-wide supplier information and communication history.

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Security assured

Framework has security assurance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, protecting your data.

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Customised e-forms

Take advantage of GreenLight, customised e-forms that can be integrated into Framework to accommodate your business processes.

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