Save time, reduce costs, stay compliant

Expenses is the most configurable employee expenses solution designed to reduce time and costs and increase productivity amongst payroll and finance teams. 

The online expense management software is tailored to fit around your expenses policy designed to maximise expense compliance through intuitive policy and HMRC validation features. Simply submit, approve and track expense claims on the go, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with smartphone and GPS integration. 

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Fast, accurate and efficient online expenses!

Simplify the way you submit, authorise, reimburse and audit employee business expenses... making everyone's life easier.

Online or with our next generation Expenses Mobile app, the Expense management software enables your employees to scan their receipts and track their mileage with GPS-accuracy, right from their smartphones wherever they are. Simply log, snap and send!


Fast, accurate and efficient online expenses!

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Expenses Key Features

Mobile Phone

Mobile app

Record, submit and approve expenses on go. Featuring digital receipt upload and GPS mileage tracking.



Built entirely around your expenses policy, from claimable items and limits including home to office calculations, workflows and approval process.


Flags and limits

Ensure that your company’s expenses policy is adhered to and that any discrepancies are quickly and efficiently dealt with.


User defined fields

Capture and report on the relevant information which is unique to your organisation. You can also create the field titles to suit your own terminology.


Journey validation

Multiple options including:

GPS tracking through the app simply hit start and finish to record.
Postcode to postcode look ups or pinpoint to street level.

Car on clipboard

Duty of care

Manage the recording and verification of vehicle and licence documentation. Alerts prompt when expiry dates are due and mileage claims can be suspended if documents are not valid.

Steering wheel

Enhanced Driver & Vehicle Check

Vehicle and driver documentation sourced from the DVLA is automatically retrieved and populated within the system.

Connected dots

System integration

Interfaces with payroll, finance and HR systems, allowing information to be shared across existing systems.


Reporting suite

Feature both a bespoke report builder and over a 120 built in reports. Reports can be scheduled and automatically sent via email at a specified time.


Single sign-on

Authorises a user’s credentials to be stored and automatically used when signing on through a specified location.



Reduces the need for administration by allowing users to register their own details which are then overseen by one central admin.

Credit Cards

Card management

Credit card, corporate card, fuel cards and, cash reconciliation. Match transactions to existing or new expenses items.

The entire Expenses solution on your mobile.

With our advanced Expenses app you can manage your entire expenses process from your mobile phone. Featuring full submission, digital receipts via the camera or gallery, and fast claim submission and approval. GPS mileage tracking provides accurate journey validation and you can even reconcile your corporate cards from your mobile!

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The entire Expenses solution on your mobile.

Enhanced driver & vehicle checks.

The only expenses solution to automatically check driving licences using data sourced from the DVLA. The service automatically retrieves and populates employee driver and vehicle data.

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your duty of care checks; ensure you're legally compliant and reduce the administrative burden of manually checking duty of care documentation. Expenses can even prevent the payment of mileage until accurate records are in place and risk assess drivers with penalty points or poor accident records.

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Enhanced driver & vehicle checks.

Fast outsourced expenses.

Outsource the areas which are causing you the biggest headache. 

We scan, check, validate and pay your expenses within 48 hours of receiving the claims. 


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Fast outsourced expenses.

Used by 67% of the NHS workforce

The market leader for the NHS, Expenses was the first expense management system to provide a bi-directional interface with the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and is the product of choice for 67% of the NHS workforce.

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It's easy to claim expenses

Everyone claiming expenses at your organisation will find life much easier with our Expense management software. It takes at least 50% less time to submit, approve and reimburse, when compared to manual systems.

Employees can submit claims quickly, accurately and securely online or through their Expenses Mobile app.

With a simple duty of care consent from your employees, Expenses can automatically populate your drivers entitlement and endorsement data using our automatic duty of care checks which uses data sourced from the DVLA. The vehicle look-ups feature then provides real-time accuracy of vehicle MOT and Tax. If a routine check reveals a driver is disqualified, or shows a revoked or expired licence, mileage claims can be suspended.

The unique configurability options make it simple for your staff to provide only the relevant information needed to make their expenses claim policy and HMRC compliant. The result; a more productive and happier workforce.

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It's easy to approve expenses

Authorisation is a breeze either through the smartphone app or online; with one click approval, easy access to receipts, out of policy claims and potential fraud warnings.

One click approves the claim straight for payment. Any issues with the claim and it’s just as easy for managers to send back the whole claim or just the item in question. 

With the latest journey validation technology to accurately calculate the distance travelled by employees, managers can be assured that claims are 100% accurate with no need to double check. 

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Expenses will benefit your Finance team

Your finance teams receive expenses claims with all of the required information, calculations included and policy validations applied. 

Accuracy goes up as queries and delays go down, with less stress an added bonus. Not to mention maximum VAT recovery and the elimination of fraud - all part of the many benefits enjoyed with Expenses.

The duty of care feature within Expenses keeps a full audit history of all vehicle and driver documents to help protect your organisation if required to prove your duty of care responsibilities. In partenrship with Licence Check we provice and automatic duty of care service that uses dat sourced from the DVLA database to automatically check employees driver and vehicle documentation, you have everything you need to manage your legal duty.

The system interfaces with any finance and accountancy package along with consolidating all major credit card, purchase cards and fuel cards removing the manual reconciliation.

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Expenses provides intelligent reporting

Our suite of over 100 standard reports means you have the business intelligence at your fingertips. The 'Top 10' report collection is a popular choice, which provides visibility on activities such as overspend, policy breakers and frequent duplicators.

Imagine arriving at the office Monday morning knowing that your management spend reports have been automatically generated and delivered to the relevant people. 

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