Selenity Present How They've Embraced The Service Cloud

Selenity Present How They've Embraced The Service Cloud

By Jo Downend
17 October 2013

Darren Newton, CTO has received a special invitation to present how Selenity (formerly Software Europe) has embraced The Service Cloud within Salesforce to achieve excellent customer service.

As a business which also specialises in cloud technology Selenity has an excellent proven track record of implementation success with an exceptionally high user adoption.

He will be attending an invitation only event being held at etc.venues on Borough High Street, London, Thursday, October 17, 2013.

The presentation will showcase how Selenity has used The Service Cloud to enhance processes that support a customer centric culture.  A point recently raised highlighted Selenity as one of the first businesses to migrate across to the new Salesforce platform Communities, which is used to host Selenity's customer portal branded Circle.  The comments prior to the event have also highlighted that for a business of their category, they are certainly utilising more features than most, making the guest appearance appealing to attendees. 

Selenity will explain their processes that were in place prior to the Salesforce platform adoption, moving on to highlight measurements of improvement when Salesforce was applied. An area of interest is Circle; Selenity's Customer Community Platform.  With self-service and collaboration being a key message, many touch points are in place to interact with the customer base.  Product development is customer-led, and Circle hosts a feature that allows users to suggest product enhancement to all with the option to promote, demote and comment on ideas. With a large volume of ideas and collaboration recorded, this ensures customers have a channel to open discussions on why they want specific development.  Following new development, users have access to release notes, a media-rich experience explaining the changes that have taken place. The introduction of Tickets provides a means for the user to communicate with the Service Desk and other areas of the business for query management. The result is a controlled environment for the service ensuring the customer experiences a fast resolution time and great customer service.

Another appealing area to the attendees will be Selenity's introduction of knowledge management, hosted through a Salesforce platform. Selenity has developed areas of the cloud to make this the new help and support Knowledge site for their Expenses solution going out to over 750,000 users.  Users will have access to an array of media to help them learn more about their product(s).  The processes in place have been refined and resulted in ROI. 

Selenity has really forged ahead with this technology and with the vision to create further collaboration amongst the community.