The Enhanced Duty Of Care Has Arrived!

The Enhanced Duty Of Care Has Arrived!

By Lewis Hughes
16 November 2016

The enhanced vehicle and driver duty of care functionality in Expenses is here!

Earlier this year, colleagues travelled around the UK on a roadshow to ask Expenses customers what additional functionality they wanted to see in the duty of care feature. After months of development, this enhancement is complete.

Organisations will find managing their driver and vehicle duty of care even easier and more efficient. The enhancements include document expiry notifications, line manager approval, and full audit history, just to name a few. Drivers can now upload their own documentation which then follows a pre-determined approval process before they can make an expense claim for journeys.

Neil Everatt, CEO at Selenity (formerly Software Europe) commented, "It's important that an organisation can show that it has taken steps to ensure the safety of their employees whilst out on the road. Do you know how many of your employees that drive for business reasons have the correct licence, insurance and tax? Have you asked somebody to go out in their car to get fresh milk for the teas and coffees; are they covered by their insurance for business use? 

The enhanced vehicle and driver duty of care feature within Expenses makes it easy and simple for organisations to manage the entire process. In early 2017, we are connecting to the DVLA to provide automated licence checks providing another level of protection for both the organisation and employees."

Kevin Paul, Occupational Road Risk Consultant added, "The law around duty of care and compliance with the Road Traffic Act is a minefield for both employers and line managers who authorise work related driving. The penalties for getting it wrong are considerable, so why take the risk if there is a solution that makes it straight forward and easily automated. Demonstrating that appropriate checks have been carried out and documented is crucial. Good systems and approvals can lead to good safety, which is good for everyone, and it also avoids sleepless nights.”

Alongside the enhanced duty of care feature, this autumn sees two more huge enhancements with an enhanced reporting suite and the next generation mobile app.