The only expenses solution with automatic vehicle checks

The only expenses solution with automatic vehicle checks

14 May 2018

Selenity today announced the launch of their Vehicle Check feature. Selenity Expenses customers can now automatically retrieve and check the validity of MOT and TAX, all from the employees car registration number. The great news is this feature is now offered as standard within Selenity Expenses, without any additional charge.  Full vehicle details are also retrieved, including colour, engine, CO2 emissions offering accurate data.

Vehicle Check will not only alleviate the need for users to manually upload documents, there will be no requirements for administrators or managers to validate and authorise documentation.

This development forms part of Selenity's continued mission to provide the most accurate and efficient duty of care service when dealing with business travel. 

Neil Everatt, Selenity CEO commented "This next stage in the Driver and Vehicle Check brings with it a new and exciting opportunity for our customers.  They can now eliminate the cumbersome challenge of collecting and storing duty of care documents by using our automated process is going to help organisations with their duty of care obligations".

The Driver and Vehicle check service, launched in September 2017, is a comprehensive modular cloud-based solution that allows organisations to manage drivers and vehicles efficiently and cost effectively.

Selenity Expenses Driver & Vehicle Check brings a solution that ensures corporate vehicle policies can be enforced and that drivers using their own vehicles for business travel will remain compliant.

Vehicle Check



Vehicle details including TAX and MOT status are automatically retrieved and populated.


Driver Check 



Driver licence details are automatically retrieved and populated.  E-consent is provided by the driver. 

Subscription plus look-up charges

Insurance Check 



Driver insurance documentation is validated.

Service charge

The next stage of the Driver and Vehicle Check solution is set to look at driver risk assessment to help organisations better manage occupational road risk.