Selenity And GTR Partnership Ends Overseas VAT Nightmare

Selenity And GTR Partnership Ends Overseas VAT Nightmare

By Jo Downend
03 March 2015

Organisations struggling to reclaim VAT from staff travel within the EU can now do so more easily following a partnership between Selenity (formerly Software Europe) and cross-border foreign VAT reclaim experts, Global Tax Reclaim.

The two companies will ensure Selenity’s cloud service, Expenses, and proven expenses outsourcing service, Expenses Expedite, make overseas VAT reclaim as simple as possible for customers, particularly multi-national firms.

“Global Tax Reclaim will work with us to support our customers’ overseas VAT reclaim.” says Deborah Saunby, Sales and Marketing Director at Selenity.

“There is a good synergy between Global Tax Reclaim and Selenity that enables a more holistic solution for customers as international tax reclaim is an area of confusion and pain for multi-national companies,” said Derek Kehoe, Commercial Director at Global Tax Reclaim. “As part of our partnership, we’re helping Selenity’s Expenses Expedite customers reclaim EU VAT, on a no risk contingency fee basis and will also serve as a reseller of Selenity’s Expenses solution. We’ve already welcomed on board our first new customer, Hertz Ireland.”

Selenity’s Expenses is used by customers including DFS, Rank Group and Fitness First, as well as numerous multinational firms. Expenses Expedite, in use by companies such as Friends Life, offers up to 20 per cent reduction on expenses spend and, up to 27 per cent of a company’s travel expenses within the EU, whilst reducing the processing time for payroll and administrative teams to zero. The flexible service takes ownership of staff expenses receipts, with the team of experts at Selenity checking that receipts match submitted claims, ensuring HMRC compliance, digitally scanning receipts, and safely and securely storing paper copies.

Deborah concludes: “Our Expenses Expedite service uses unique technology to make the scanning and validation process one of the fastest available in the market. There isn’t another provider out there that provides a fully outsourced expenses service as fast as Selenity’s. Our partnership with Global Tax Reclaim enhances the service further and ensures there are no delays in overseas VAT reclaim.” 

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