Selenity launch HR Tech 247 profiles

Selenity launch HR Tech 247 profiles

By Lewis Hughes
22 July 2020

We are excited to have launched profiles for both Selenity ER Tracker and Selenity Expenses on the HR Tech 247 virtual event platform. HR Tech 247 pride themselves on being able to provide a great online place for anyone looking to access the information on vendors in the HR and payroll/finance tech space, which is a great fit for both Selenity ER Tracker and Selenity Expenses.

The profiles are live on the platform for a period of 12 months and allow those looking to procure HR and Payroll tech to access content, download information, watch videos and request more information.

Bob Redhill, the founder of HR Tech 247 said, “HR Tech 247 believes there is no ‘One’ single place that allows prospects and market influencers to get information on all tech vendors in the HR and Payroll sector. We believe that the current marketing opportunities for system vendors provide financial obstacles for many vendors and therefore restricts the amount of visibility they get in the marketplace.

HR Tech 247 has a simple objective to create an online digital space where anyone can get easy access and information on every vendor providing tech in HR or Payroll, as well as useful seminars to watch and blogs to read. A space where there is no restrictive financial entry barrier to have a presence, a space where all vendors have an equal status and a space that is accessible 24/7 by anyone.

Selenity has joined this movement we are on and are located on both the case management and the HR service delivery floors. Selenity has some excellent content to share and it’s been a pleasure working with them and we now look forward to the ongoing journey we have with them.”

'We are delighted to be part of the new online exhibition space; HR Tech 247. The platform provides unlimited access to those looking to procure both HR and Payroll tech. You'll find us on the case management floor for Selenity ER Tracker and the payroll, time and attendance floor for Selenity Expenses. We're looking forward to supporting businesses in their digital transformation journey from the comfort of their homes,' commented Deborah Saunby, Sales and Marketing Director.

Both of the profiles can be viewed here;


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