Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

By Adele Briggs
01 July 2016

Good Morning America!

It’s been our plan to take our products global and it’s now becoming a reality. Monday, July 4, marks the official launch of ER Tracker in North America. 

Building on the recent success of ER Tracker in the United Kingdom, and after extensive research it was apparent that North America experienced the same business issues and constraints while managing employee relations cases as the UK. We’re proud to offer an Americanised system, sales-focus, and support team available to any of our compatriots across the Atlantic.

ER Tracker from Selenity (formerly Software Europe) is the modern alternative to spreadsheets and other old-school data collection services. For native, centralised Employee Relations record keeping and cloud storage – ER Tracker’s deep-analysis improves compliance, increases visibility, and reduces case management errors.

The market is huge, so we are starting our adventure with a campaign reaching the Southern States in the Eastern Time Zone.

Wish us luck.