Driving Licences Go Online

Driving Licences Go Online

By Jo Downend
09 January 2014

Motorists could see insurance premiums reduce after the Government announced that all driving licence records were being put online. The searchable database for individuals and companies to check speeding endorsements and other details could also bring down the cost of car hire. The 'My Licence' project is the latest part of the coalition's digital agenda, which has been gradually moving services on to the internet.

Currently insurers are unable to check licence details when they sell policies, and so have to "price in" the risk that drivers either lie to them about endorsements to get a lower quote, or simply make a mistake. But a system due to be launched by the DVLA in March will allow them to access the information through the gov.uk website using an individual's licence number, national insurance number and postcode. Car hire companies will also have their administration burden reduced through being able to check drivers' details online rather than by phone.

This is also a welcome saving for organisations with employees driving on business who currently pay a fee to check the driving licences to make sure they are valid.

The paper counterpart to the driving licence card is due to be phased out by the end of 2015, and there will be an assisted service for those who find it difficult to use the internet.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said he expected the government would have saved more than £1.2bn through IT efficiencies by the end of this year.

"Our digital by default agenda is part of our long-term economic plan to tackle the deficit we inherited. To win the global race and save hard-working taxpayers more money, we need world-class public services available online 24/7 from anywhere. That is why it is great news that DVLA is about to launch online driving records which can be used by anyone with a driving licence as well as by the insurance industry."

Selenity's (formerly Software Europe's) duty of care feature within Expenses proactively allows an organisation to record and manage all driving documents and details in adherence to the Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007. Reports show when these documents need to be checked or when they expire allowing the organisation to control mileage claims until up to date documents are received. Software Europe also offer a service to check and receive documentation and therefore save the employers time and money. This ensures that employers are making all reasonable endeavours for their employees to be safe on the road and keep in line with current legislation. With the new changes due in March, this will allow employers to improve their duty of care, and for our customers it's another tool to assist them in legislation compliance.