Selenity Launch Address+

Selenity Launch Address+

By Jo Downend
21 February 2014

Selenity (formerly Software Europe) was the first expenses management company to deliver a Distance Validation Service. This weekend sees Selenity take another leap forward with the release of Address+, our NEW user-friendly Distance Validation Service.

We have brought together many sources of mapping and distance data to provide a unique and unrivalled service for our customers. The user-friendly interface has also undergone a refresh, taking advantage of the very latest in design and development concepts. 

Address+ represents generation 4 of Selenity’s Distance Validation Service, the culmination of hours of customer feedback, client research and development has brought a whole new level of managing expense claims.

Some of the new key features for Address+ include;

  • Search for an address using the new Address+ technology
  • Tag an address as a favourite ready for repeated and regular journeys
  • Label an address so it means something to you
  • Faster searching and address retrieval
  • Enhanced address management with duplicate elimination
  • Report on address with more detail than ever before
  • Secure personal information
  • Type-ahead and pre-fill technology
  • Enhanced real-time claimant guidance 

Address+ is being released on Saturday the 22nd of February and customers will see and feel the difference straight away. Over the coming days we’ll be sharing some of the new features in a little more depth so keep your eye out.

To find out more about Address+ and how Expenses can help your organisation save time and money, then contact us here.