Selenity Partners With Cintra HR And Payroll Services

Selenity Partners With Cintra HR And Payroll Services

By Lewis Hughes
18 January 2016

Selenity (formerly Software Europe) and Cintra HR & Payroll Services are partnering to provide a fully integrated human resources, payroll and expenses solution for public sector and commercial organisations. The partnership sees Selenity providing its award-winning cloud software, Expenses, along with its fully outsourced expense service, Expedite, to complement Cintra’s suite of HR and payroll solutions and services.

Expenses from Selenity is a configurable expenses solution designed to reduce time and costs and increase productivity amongst payroll and finance teams. It is currently in use by 195 NHS Trusts, and commercial organisations. The partnership also sees Selenity offer Expenses Expedite to Cintra’s 800+ customers, a flexible service, which allows customers to choose from a suite of outsourced expenses services from scanning and validation of receipts through to payment of expense claims and compliance with VAT rules.

“We’ve seen from our customers an increased desire and need for expenses management – they want more control of expenses and to speed up processing and approving claims, as well as faster payments,” commented Carsten Staehr, CEO of Cintra HR & Payroll Services. “We want to provide the best possible service to our customers and so we only partner with people, and companies, that we trust. Selenity ticks all the boxes. We liked what we saw in the solution; it’s web-enabled, our customers can use mobile devices to submit claims, and we liked the speed that new functionalities were introduced in Expenses.”

Founded in 1981, Cintra is dedicated to the supply and support of employment solutions in the UK and across Europe. Cintra supplies human resource and payroll systems, mixed to suit an organisation’s needs, allowing customers to outsource what matters and control what counts. Cintra’s solutions range from single site installations through to operations spread across multiple sites both nationally and internationally.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Carsten and Cintra. We met five years ago and realised our two companies were very similar in our approach and ethos,” said Neil Everatt, Selenity’s Chief Executive. “Cintra provides fully integrated in-house or hosted HR and payroll solutions, as well as fully outsourced or a hybrid of the two, so it’s brilliant that we can complement the company’s impressive portfolio and provide the full service to include expenses that Cintra’s customers need.