A week with Team Marketing

A week with Team Marketing

By Emily Liddle
13 September 2017

University of Lincoln student Emily Liddle joined us for a week’s marketing internship while on her summer break. Emily wanted to sample life as part of a busy marketing team while exploring her options post-graduation. We caught up with Emily after a chock-a-block week to see how she found her placement with Team Marketing.

First of all, I’d like to mention how much I appreciated the opportunity to work with Selenity’s marketing department. Chrissy, Chloe and Jo were more than welcoming and immediately made me feel like part of the team and for that I’m really grateful.

My initial nerves were soon dissolved by Sophie’s keen welcome; I was shown the building and introduced to everyone. Walking around the office it is clear to see that the friendly faces are not exclusive to the lovely ladies in Business Support, there’s a sense of community that makes the building a comfortable and relaxed place to be. This helped me through the week as I worked through the tasks I was assigned as I felt confident to ask for any assistance where required.

When I met the team I would be working with we began with a short chat about myself and created a small agenda based around my capabilities. With very limited marketing experience, I was uncertain of how I would cope with my tasks but I eagerly started on my first assignment.

Networking was already something I highly valued but the team prompted me to create a LinkedIn account and start making more connections. I used their profiles for guidance and found myself quickly discovering connections that could be valuable in the future. Once satisfied with my new account I moved on to my first research project.

Research was a massive part of my week as I searched for new information and designs for a variety of ongoing projects. I had a briefing with Chrissy and we discussed how it would be useful to collect ideas for leaflet design and layout that were fitting with Selenity’s brand image. I really enjoyed this project as it allowed me to explore how practicality and creativity collide.

Later, I was introduced to the world of content marketing and began a research project that not only broadened my understanding of marketing, but also helped me collect a glossary of terms that I can only describe as “jazzy language”. This was extremely useful for me as I gained understanding around the appropriate writing styles for different genres of media.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Selenity and have learnt so much in such a short space of time. I’ve soaked up everything I could and feel like I have gained some fantastic experience in doing so. I would love to return and continue broadening my knowledge here at Selenity as they have massively impacted my post-graduate aspirations. 


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