One Week Turned Into Six!

One Week Turned Into Six!

By Toby Reichelt
07 September 2016

After a successful week of work experience, we invited Toby Reichelt back for a summer internship. After spending the last seven weeks with us, we asked him how the opportunity came about, what projects he'd been involved with and how valuable he found work experience. 

I was approached by my careers advisor with an opportunity of a week-long work experience placement at a technology company. I found out the name and started to learn about them and found they developed cloud-based technologies to transform businesses. My eager heart jumped at the opportunity as I had no experience in professional software development. Before I knew it I was meeting with Chief Technology Officer Darren Newton, who was very welcoming and asked me about my development knowledge, education and future goals.

On the first day of my week-long placement, I was introduced to the Expedite team, who demonstrated to me a couple of enhancements they wanted for the validation software. I noted down their requests, and went back to the office to meet with Business System Analysts Lyall and Greg. Both of them were so friendly and immediately I was given a sense of comfort knowing that I would always have help from the two of them. I felt satisfied when the week was drawing to a close, knowing that I had learnt so much about development in such a short time. On the final day, Darren offered me a summer placement which I was thrilled to accept.

Firstly, I finished off the enhancements to the validation software that I had started on my work experience and felt confident and comfortable enough to present my changes in front of colleagues. I began to familiarise myself with colleagues in India, Varsha specifically, who always offered sound advice when I needed it. She reviewed my code on a regular basis and suggested improvements to the functionality of my changes. Deoga thoroughly tested all of my changes to the software and offered me advice as to how to fix any bugs. He also gave me more confidence when presenting my work.

Throughout my time, I grew fond of the people and company, and felt ‘at home’ when I was there. This, I thought to myself, is a place in which I could happily work for a long time. As my work experience progressed, I indulged myself in the code behind the expenses site and managed to complete a bug fix that validates odometer readings. I felt incredibly comfortable, and it would be a great pleasure to return to Selenity (formerly Software Europe), as the team there gave me a new outlook on programming and software development.