An Invaluable Experience

An Invaluable Experience

By Cameron Wood
07 September 2016

Cameron Wood joined us at the beginning of the summer for a week of work experience, but after impressing the development team, we invited him back for a summer internship. We caught up with Cameron to find out what he got up to and what he got out of working in a professional environment.

Just prior to the end of the summer term at college I had an interview with the Chief Technology Officer Darren Newton from Selenity (formerly Software Europe), which resulted in being offered a week's work experience placement. 

I spent my week there working on the mobile development team which I thoroughly enjoyed. Darren was really pleased with my attitude and work and so I was ecstatic to be offered the opportunity to continue for the next six weeks over the summer before my final year of A Level studies. 

Working in a professional development team was a fantastic opportunity to develop my skills and also myself as a person. Having already been there a week, I quickly integrated into the team, something that was hugely beneficial to my cooperative ability, bouncing ideas off team members, learning from others, and having a good time. 

The atmosphere at Selenity was comfortable, relaxed and welcoming and I felt part of the team within my first few days. The time flew by, and within a few weeks I'd built up the confidence to present some of the features that I had worked on. Standing in-front of people from other departments within the company, including Chief Executive Officer Neil Everatt, was a nervous experience initially, but having done it once, I was happy to present at the following review meetings. 

I learned so much more in seven weeks of work experience in a professional environment than any textbook could teach. This brilliant opportunity was nothing short of invaluable and I'd encourage all students to go out there and get some real work experience