My Summer In Marketing

My Summer In Marketing

By Amber Zayee
21 September 2015

Prior to joining the Marketing Team at Selenity (formerly Software Europe), I was asked to write a blog piece on Employee Relations Management, even though I found this challenging, I also enjoyed finding out about topics that I hadn’t studied before. 

I had in my mind visions of what I thought it would be like to work at Selenity. I thought that I would really struggle with understanding the products and the way in which the business is run and I also thought that it would be hard for me to get that involved with such a lack of knowledge. However, that wasn’t the case.

On my first day, I was quite nervous and understandably so: I was going into an environment that I was unfamiliar with. But, that soon changed. My first day consisted of going and visiting all the departments within the company and finding out what they do as well as meeting many people on the way. This really made me feel comfortable as everyone was so welcoming and also as interested in what I do as I was in what they do. My second day was pretty much the same as my first day as there was still a lot more people to see. I was also very pleased to have met Neil Everatt CEO at Selenity as he was able to run through the history of the business with me. I feel that these days were very beneficial as it meant that I had a better understanding of the company as a whole. Furthermore, most of their products were explained to me, which made me feel more confident. 

When I returned the week after that, Chrissy set me the tasks of looking through a few blog pieces and whitepapers to edit them so that they made more sense and were easy to read. I enjoyed doing this because I am such a keen writer. I was also given an ongoing project which was to compose social media posts to be submitted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; this allowed me to have a read through their blogs, resources and case studies… which I found very interesting and it was also fun trying to think of catchy one liners to grab people’s attention. 

For the weeks that followed, I was given tasks of writing my own blog pieces on lots of different topics, which allowed me to become more familiar with the products by doing some in depth research. I was also involved in searching for items to be purchased for a user conference as well as sourcing things to go in the LCFC box. 

Throughout my time at Selenity, I feel that I have gained a lot of experience from being in an office environment and having to work to a deadline as well as being able to manage ongoing projects such as the social media posts. I have really felt like part of the team and that is due to all of the lovely people that have made me feel so welcome. 

I would urge anyone to take part in a work experience placement here to gain insight into how a business is run and also develop your interpersonal skills as well as having an enjoyable time and learning new skills. 

Amber has now left to return to university, however we hope to welcome her back in the future. 

If you know anyone that would welcome the opportunity gain some work experience please do let us know.