My Favourite Summer Holiday!

My Favourite Summer Holiday!

By Jo Downend
05 September 2014

After finishing my first year of sixth form, I joined Selenity (formerly Software Europe) as a Corporate Communications Intern. The programme was set up by my school - The Priory City of Lincoln Academy. When I started sixth form I joined the Career Academy which prepares students for the world of work. It is a mixture of mentoring, internships, master classes, visits and seminars.

Working within the corporate communications team gave me an opportunity to try a variety of tasks including resolving email bouncebacks, contacting customers to get up-to-date logos, cleansing some data in Salesforce and some research tasks.

When I started at Selenity, I wanted to be a Nurse - but the more time I spent working, the more my mind changed. I hope to start some sort of apprenticeship in business/IT after completing my second year at sixth form. Originally my contract was 4 weeks; however, I enjoyed it so much I asked to extend it to 6 weeks!

I must say working 8 hours a day was strange to begin with. There weren’t enough hours in the day to do other things - like go to the gym, go shopping etc. However, all the hard work does pay off and at the end of the month, getting paid is the best feeling ever.

I have met some fantastic people during my time at Selenity and hope to stay in touch with them. I couldn’t have asked to be placed in a better business. Everyone has been wonderful and very helpful. I can happily say this has been one of my favourite summer holidays!