150th NHS Customer

150th NHS Customer

By Jo Downend
26 September 2014

Having had the pleasure of working at Selenity (formerly Software Europe) for some time now, I have been blessed to work with some amazing colleagues, customers and technology and be part of making something special happen. Today marks one of these special occasions. Selenity has welcomed the 150th NHS customer of Expenses Health.

Five years ago we only had two NHS customers.  I remember it like it was yesterday, a member of the sales team talking about how she believed all of the NHS were still using paper forms for claiming travel and expenses.  The NHS was a market in which Selenity had never really considered or approached; with our previous customers being commercial companies and other public sector organisations. But, after some market research, internal discussions and a gut feeling, we made a decision to dedicate resources to the UK Healthcare sector. The conversation continued over many weeks along with the development of a bi-directional interface into something called “ESR” (Electronic Staff Record is the NHS’s HR and payroll system).  This development would save so much time because the payroll teams currently had to re-key the information into the ESR system.

We asked for the advice of our first NHS customer, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust about what we could do to spread the word about the benefits and savings NHS organisations could realise from implementing Expenses Health.  We looked at the savings our commercial customers were achieving along with numerous benchmark reports and business case information and together we embarked on some research, analysing paper claim forms completed by NHS employees. We quickly realised that the savings we could show really did speak for themselves, and that we could demonstrate a return on investment in just a few weeks.

Over the coming months we invested in further sales and marketing activities.  Speaking at regional payroll events, holding roadshows and getting involved in the HFMA was particularly useful.  I remember our first stand at the annual HFMA event. It wasn’t really a stand, more of a small squared area you could fit no more than three people!

More recently we delivered the Smartphone apps that allow the claimant to record their expenses claims anywhere.   It’s great to hear about the productivity gains the NHS mobile workforce are seeing. This is innovation that we are proud to deliver to our customers.

It’s amazing to look back on what a fantastic journey we have had, helping transform the travel and expenses process within the Healthcare sector. We`ve met some fabulous people and built some magnificent relationships, becoming one of the largest providers of cloud technology to the Healthcare sector.

Deborah Saunby
Sales Director