I've Truly Enjoyed Every Moment

I've Truly Enjoyed Every Moment

By Lewis Hughes
26 October 2015

Last week we welcomed Sam Perkins, a student from Sir Robert Pattinson Academy for a week of work experience. Sam's time was spent across all of our departments so that he could get a taste of all the different roles and skills throughout our business.

Here's what Sam had to say about his time with us.

Before I started my work experience I was quite nervous and didn’t think I would be comfortable or brave enough to talk to people who I didn’t know. However, after my week at Software Europe, I've learnt so much that I didn’t know before and feel a lot more confident! I have learnt how the products work, how they’re used by the customer and how all the departments contribute to the business. I thought I wouldn’t have much to do during the week due to a lack of knowledge, however, this wasn’t the case as there was a very detailed agenda for the week taking me to every part of the business.

On my first day I had an induction that is shown to all new employees as an introduction to the business. It showed the business expectations and all of the health and safety information. This really helped me know what I should and shouldn’t do around the business and helped me to settle in. It also helped me know about the solutions that they deliver. I spent time with Becca Dickinson learning about her role in the business and what it’s like to be in an Administration Apprentice, I found it really interesting! I created an email about how Software Europe could become a paperless office; this email was sent internally around to all colleagues so they could reduce the amount of paper they use.

As the week progressed I continued to complete the tasks given to me. I found every task I did very interesting, even setting all the phones auto dials which took around 2 hours!! I enjoyed every moment working at Software Europe and would love to come for another week.

The best part of the week was the time I spent with the Marketing department, I found the creativity really interesting. I had to set up a professional LinkedIn page, this took around 1 hour to complete, however now my LinkedIn profile is nearly finished and to a professional standard! I was also asked to find ‘Top Tech' content to be included on the social media channels which will feature within the next couple of weeks.

I’ve learnt so much from everyone I met during my week. One of the most important things I learnt is from Neil Everatt, the CEO of Software Europe, He said that attitude was everything, and that I shouldn’t settle for a job that I didn’t enjoy. I feel like what he has said to me will be with me for the rest of my life! I don’t want to settle for anything that I don’t enjoy because I’m going to be spending most of my life doing it. Everyone I spoke to at Software Europe said that they really enjoyed their jobs and that they were having fun while working.

I’ve truly enjoyed every moment of my work experience with Software Europe and I’m sad that it has come to an end so soon. Everyone at Software Europe were so welcoming and kind to me which made my experience so much better!