From Paper to Digital: Innovation Made Simple

From Paper to Digital: Innovation Made Simple

By Adam Bamford
01 November 2016

It’s exciting times at Software Europe as we tease the release of our next generation Expenses mobile app. The updated app will allow for true end-to-end expense claim submission with all the functionality of our award winning expenses management desktop solution put into the palm of your hand.

One of the many updated functions is the ability to add multiple receipt images to an expense item. This means you can do front and back, zoom in on a particular area and take multiple shots if you want to be sure that the approver see’s everything. Or perhaps you want to upload an invoice along with the accompanying credit card receipt without obscuring any information.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s another step on the journey to making our Expedite customers paperless organisations. A number of them joined us from competitors who would only allow expense receipts to be sent via the postal system.

At Software Europe we offer a range of services that include:

  • Scan and Attach: the traditional method of posting us your receipts
  • Validation: the claimant uploads all receipts using our solution on your computer or mobile app to send images directly to our Expedite Operators who validate within 2 working days

Customers can take a mix of the options above or just the one that suits their business needs/objectives the best.

Why post?

Traditionally the answer to this question is about ‘older’ employees who don’t like technology or those ‘field based’ workers such as construction workers who do not have access to computers to submit a claim. The downfall with postal submission is the delay in payment; by adding the postal system into the equation you are slowing down the reimbursement by at least 2 working days.

The customers that have come to us from our competitors have found that by having a mix of methods; in some cases 90% digital and 10% postal, it has allowed them to transform the way claims are submitted by giving their claimants access to technology which allows for digital submission in a time effective and easy manner.

What is the typical Expedite digital timeline?

  • Tuesday - submission at 10.30am via the Expenses mobile app
  • Thursday - by 10.30am latest (however we typically validate within 24 working hours), a full 16 point validation completed on each receipt submitted within the claim
  • Friday - payment! We pay all our claims that are fully approved by 3.00pm, next working day as standard so within 3 days the claimant is reimbursed having had the claim checked and approved

Get in touch to discuss how we can help get your organisation digital and reimburse your claimants quickly, professionally and to the latest HMRC guidelines.