My week at the “Google” of Lincoln

My week at the “Google” of Lincoln

By Jamie Moffat
13 February 2020

We had the pleasure of welcoming Jamie Moffat at Selenity for his year 12 work experience placement! Here's what he thought of life at Selenity HQ!

Often when you think of people focused firms with free massages, table tennis rooms and an office dog, firms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook comes to mind. Yet, we find ourselves far from the open-minded tech firms of Silicon Valley, but in the historic city of Lincoln. This is Selenity, a company that for the past week, I have had the privilege of working for.

I’d previously heard of Selenity. Their CEO Neil Everatt is often in the community, Selenity supports several local sports teams (Lincoln City Football Club and North Hykeham Rugby Club), and they have an active role inside our school. When Neil and members of his team come in, they’re always positive, optimistic and forward-thinking. Neil draws attention, and captivates the whole room, and his idea of breaking up conventional business practices is ground-breaking. I knew from the moment I heard him talk about how he runs his business that it was one I wanted to experience.

After starting sixth form, we were told that we needed to find work experience and I knew exactly where I wanted to go; Selenity. From the first time I contacted Selenity, I was met with a polite and friendly response (Sophie Blackband). She helped to keep me up-to-date and well informed as to what information I needed to provide, what I needed to know before coming in, and answered any questions I had. Arriving on Monday morning, I was met by friendly faces and an energetic Neil. I spent the morning learning about the company, what products they sell, and information about the teams which I’d be working in. I was given a plan for my time at Selenity, with time spent in every department so I could get a real feel for what the business was like.

I started my week with the CEO Neil Everatt and spent around 3 hours with him, touring the company, seeing how it runs, and how Neil himself works. An energetic, upbeat and positive figure, Neil is the complete opposite of the stereotypical closed-door managers who have become synonymous with 'big business'. He’s often with the teams, taking an active role in making sure everyone is happy and relaxed. Dotted around his office were items of his past, large telephones from the 1980s to 1990s and a fruit machine in the corner (a nod to his first job testing them before they went out to pubs and casinos), and his office was a clear embodiment of what Selenity is, a calm, relaxed, and somewhat informal workplace.

Then I was off to sales, an active and busy department, but one that always has time to help people out. Katie Gregory walked me through the products, providing brilliant, in-depth demonstrations. On Tuesday I spent time with Lynne, working to find new solutions for phone to PC casting, and gaining hands-on experience with these innovative pieces of software. Next, I spent time with the Service Desk and Professional Services teams. One of my interests before coming to Selenity was understanding how large businesses implement the latest IT technologies into their firms. Selenity's use of the latest technologies and a ChatBot was fascinating to watch and shows how Selenity has implemented these technologies to actively improve customer experience, something that many companies could learn from.

On Wednesday, I spent time in the engine room of Selenity, the Development teams. Lyall and his team helped me to build a 'tic-tac-toe' game using JavaScript, giving me a taster of the development tools and type of script/programming languages used to produce their software. Afterwards, I spent time with the Marketing team, researching website features that I liked as well as looking for possible games and interactive activities they can use at their next trade show, a further example of their forward-thinking attitude.

One of my favourite days was Thursday. In the morning I spent time with the friendly  HR and Business Support team. I helped to create a PowerPoint on how companies can help employees deal with, and prevent mental health issues in the workplace. An issue I was not particularly aware of, but is prominent in many workplaces. Sophie (Head of HR and Business Support) was informative and knowledgeable on the subject, helping me to create an accurate PowerPoint. The rest of my Thursday afternoon was spent with Jono, Selenity’s CFO. Currently, at A-Level, I study Finance, Business and IT. Therefore Jono and I had a lot to talk about. He too had studied business, and he and I talked about business case studies and theories. He was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, answering all my questions, and gave me great career advice relating to finance.
The week disappeared quickly and by Friday it was nearly over.. I spent time in Expedite, one of the most interesting departments I have been in so far. A bubbly and friendly team, the Expedite team were welcoming, and at times eccentric.

The time I’ve spent at Selenity has been eye-opening. A modern a friendly company, with an attitude like with no other. Throughout the week I have met a whole-host of dedicated and friendly individuals, and though at times throughout this blog I may sound repetitive; words such as friendly and welcoming are the true embodiment of what Selenity is like, and the foundation of what their business is built on.


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