How to get accurate mileage expense claims

How to get accurate mileage expense claims

By Deborah Saunby, Sales & Marketing Director
10 May 2018

Business mileage is one of the biggest expense items for many companies. 

What would it mean to your organisation if you could shave 20% off your mileage spend? 

With high volumes of managers and representative out on the road, getting their mileage reimbursed quickly and easily is a must. 

Reason for inaccuracies in mileage claims include: 

  1. Claimant having to calculate their own mileage for journeys using whichever route planner or map system they choose.

  2. Discrepancies in whether they use postcodes or street addresses.

  3. Claimants having to add up many short journeys, which can be quite cumbersome, and easier to 'guestimate'.

  4. Claimants simply adding a few more miles, knowing that this is not validated.

Along with rounding up mileage, another way your travel bill may be higher is if you do not take into account the usually journey the employee would do between their home and the normal office of work. Many organisations deduct this for employees who are generally office based. 

There are three key reasons expenses processes enable inaccuracies to happen.

  1. No system in place to automatically populate and calculate journeys.

  2. No system in place to accurately validate the mileage submitted against the journey length.

  3. No easy way to capture large numbers of short journeys throughout a day.

We've seen organisations save up to 20% on their expenses spend when they ensure accurate mileage, which is why we've put together these top tips on how to achieve accurate journey validation. 

Here's how you can ensure employees submit accurate mileage claims:

  1. Standardise the system for calculating journey routes.

  2. Allow an easy way to capture lots of short journeys throughout the day.

  3. Provide a clear system for adding in detours.

  4. Take advantage of systems that track to street level address rather than postcodes.

You can see how just a few simple processes will have a huge impact on your expenses. So how do you go about achieving this?

One way is to leverage the benefits of an online expenses management solution which can provide:

  • Postcode to postcode journey entry. 

  • Street level accuracy through Address+.

  • GPS tracking for start and finish journey entry on your phone.

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