Working With Customers Is What I Love

Working With Customers Is What I Love

By Kate Hanson
18 May 2016

The Professional Services team work tirelessly with our customers to make sure our products are configured to their individual needs and implemented as quickly as possible so they can start seeing the difference. We sat with Kate Hanson to chat about how her role changed within the team when her family commitments changed.

Prior to returning from maternity leave, I was a busy, passionate fully-fledged Professional Services Consultant, constantly out on the road helping and driving our customers through the process of a successful product implementation. I needed to cut back on my hours due to my new family commitments and my Manager offered me a way forward where I could stay working with the people I love whilst also staying connected with the customers, fantastic I thought, but what was this new role and what would be expected of me?

I didn’t want to lose contact with our customers. As a company we have always prided ourselves on being different from our competitors, friendly, approachable, always going the extra mile for them and I didn’t want to lose contact with that or lose sight of it.

To begin with in my new role I took things quite lightly and was unaware just how my new role in the department would evolve and how important it would become. It was a brand new role and I was being given the chance to make it my own, put my mark on it and make it great. How many people get that opportunity in their working life?

As a technology company we embrace new systems and aren’t afraid to ditch the paper. Since starting my position, we have implemented Smartsheets to manage our projects online, online whiteboards and our own GreenLight technology to streamline the way we work. We are constantly striving to embrace new software and streamline our processes to not only make our internal working life easier but also to be transparent and share more with our customers. 

Professional Services as a department is a hive of craziness, it’s manic at times and all the PS team members are often pushed to their limits. When it comes to the needs of our clients we strive to help them as quickly as we can, as efficiently as we can and that requires all of us to pull together and solve the query. I still get to work directly with our customers which I love, and the skills I learnt from when I was a Professional Services Consultant are invaluable.