Selenity In The House (Of Commons)

Selenity In The House (Of Commons)

By Jo Downend
15 May 2014

This week, our Chief Executive Officer Neil Everatt and Director of Corporate Communications Adele Briggs visited the House of Commons to take part in a discussion about the future of our young people.

Sitting on the Thames, the discussion took place in committee room 14, and this is where the current Prime Minister and those of old spend time defending their decisions.

The session started with an introduction by Channel 4 News’ Gary Gibbons, followed by a great summation into the report. It was intriguing to hear what the MPs had to say, including speeches from David Blunkett and Nick Hurd.

There was a lot of emphasis on raising awareness with young people about their voting rights. The average age a young person starts to vote is around 27 years old. The politicians were saying that if young people don’t vote they will focus on the issues that affect older people. It seemed that there was some disconnect between the politicians and the public, and how young people can get involved with issues that affect them. There were comments about how politicians don’t engage effectively with our young people and it was even suggested that new young politicians could be being conditioned to the old way and not evolving with the times. They witnessed a few politicians’ answers too!

Community is important to Selenity (formerly Software Europe), both locally and online and we actively support various projects including the National Citizen Service (NCS) scheme that helps young people build skills for work and life.