Demonstrating Innovation

Demonstrating Innovation

By Jo Downend
28 May 2014

Last week Selenity (formerly Software Europe) was invited to participate on a panel for the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science end of year project demonstrations. It was inspiring to see the innovation, creativity and technical skills clearly on display, something that is set deep within Selenity’s ethos and values.

The University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science have expertise in a broad area of computing technologies and information systems including robotics and autonomous systems, computer vision and image engineering, medical applications of technology, social computing, games computing, cultural computing and business computing.

Representing Selenity was Ritsa Plikaditi (Quality Assurance) and Kieron Sykes (Technical Writer) who joined other companies in viewing project demonstrations from second year, third year and post graduate students.

The structure of the day was rather informal which presented a brilliant opportunity to speak to each of the students who presented their projects. This allowed for some interesting conversations and transfer of knowledge between the students and visiting staff. Once the presentations were finished, the panel convened to decide which projects should receive further recognition in their respective field, which was not an easy decision as so many of the projects were unique and innovative.

Some of the projects which really impressed me from the various fields of expertise included:

  • A new algorithm which is being developed to improve the feedback of retinal scans.
  • A Parrot Quadricopter which can be made airborne by the level of human concentration and directed via motion sensor for users with limited dexterity.
  • A mobile application which can track your position in a particular place by cross referencing with Wi-Fi nodes positioned in the vicinity, ideal for real world situations such as live maps for shopping centres and museums.

The next stage for these students is quickly approaching; the transition into industry can be daunting but based upon what was displayed, they can look forward to a very bright future.