Que sera sera

Que sera sera

By Neil Everatt, Chief Executive Officer
26 March 2018

We can still hardly believe that in just under two weeks we'll be joining thousands of Lincoln City Football Club fans for the club’s first ever trip to Wembley.

Our journey with the club began with one goal…local awareness. Like any other rapidly growing company we're constantly looking to recruit, however unlike many other tech-giants we're based in Lincoln, amidst the somewhat perceived sleepy shire in the midlands, and not in the high-rises of silicone valley. Not only that, we weren't sure that even half the population of Lincoln knew who we were. We set out to make sure that not only did people know who we were, they also knew what we did, in a bid to secure Lincoln on the technical industry map. Sponsorship of the club brought with it an enormous fan-base and widespread appeal, presenting the perfect partnership.

Little did we know back on a frosty December in 2014, whilst Lincoln City sat mid table in the National League, and our first advertising boards were being installed pitch side, just how far and how much would be achieved over the next 3 years. Ad boards led to away kit shirts, then to the main stadium and onto the start of an unbelievable journey that has transformed both the club and our awareness campaign.

We took this landmark opportunity to sit down with Selenity's CEO Neil Everatt and discuss his thoughts on the journey so far. 

"We got involved with the club for one reason, local awareness. It's all very well developing and supplying cloud solutions to over 400 customers worldwide with millions of users logging on to use our products, however what do you do when you need to recruit local talent and no one knows who you are. 67% of the NHS use our technology, but could I have said 3 years ago that 67% of our home town know who we were? Probably not, could I now?…ABSOLUTELY.

Our values are driven by our commitment to our customers, colleagues and community; and our executive box, whilst sounding very grandiose, is in fact an amazing experience which our colleagues, customers and their respective families benefit from. We're pretty confident in saying that the majority of our colleagues have now experienced a Lincoln City game, and they've all loved it, not only for the football but for the enjoyable camaraderie and team spirit that is Selenity. It's quite simply, a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Spending time at the club has also helped us form some amazing relationships with other sponsors including the University, Running Imp, Sleafordian and Global Vision, as well as enabling us to share some of the match experiences with our local business partners and customers.

Supporting the local community is part of Selenity`s DNA. Part of the reason we get up in the morning is to help colleagues, customers and the community and the club have a similar philosophy so we've found working together an amazing experience. It’s been absolutely amazing to see what the club have achieved bringing together our local community.

We're honoured to be part of the club's incredible journey and we look forward to many more successful years of partnership with the club."


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