Who Are 42 Volts?

Who Are 42 Volts?

By 42 Volts
01 March 2016

42 Volts are a team of year 11 students from The Priory Academy LSST School who are competing in this year's VEX Robotics National Final. VEX Robotics is a competition designed to transform STEM learning for students and teachers. The 42 Volts team have engineered a robot from the ground up, faced various challenges through their heats and are now prepping for the finals.

After they qualified for the finals, the team went searching for sponsorship and we're proud to be able to help them. We asked each member of the team to tell us a bit about themselves and why they joined 42 Volts.

Ben Gudalajtys

I became interested in VEX, as my aspiration in the future is to be an engineer. I find it interesting and challenging as I believe myself to be a creative person who finds solving problems fun. I got involved through a club at school which I thought looked interesting, so I turned up and found out that the team had the need for someone like me and I joined there and then.

Joe Harpham

I chose to take part in VEX Robotics for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have always loved creating things and always have a project on the go. VEX took my interest through it's modular nature, and the huge possibilities that are available, as well as a purpose to achieve. I love the logistics of solving problems, and so this challenge appealed to me. Furthermore, I hope very much to go into a field of work related to engineering in the future, and I feel that VEX is a brilliant way to start.

Aaron Whetton

Ever since I received a LEGO robotics kit for Christmas when I was 5, I have been interested in engineering and robotics and so jumped at the opportunity to join the VEX team. I am currently studying electronics at GCSE level as I think it will benefit my goal of becoming an engineer, and hope to continue at university and potentially become an aerospace engineer.

Nathan Wallis

I have enjoyed robotics for quite some time as I had a remote control car that I enjoyed using so was enthusiastic to join the VEX team. Over the past few years, I have built model engines and other robotic devices, from a V8 engine to a remote control claw.

Jack Middleton

I am currently studying GCSE computing and electronics and saw VEX as a brilliant opportunity to advance my knowledge in these areas. I am interested in projects hoping to bridge the gap between man and machine and advance robotics to aide mankind in the future. For example, new endeavours in robotics to give amputees new working robotic hands to help with their day to day lives. I would like to study computer science with artificial intelligence at university and aim to aide fields of research with similar aims. Therefore I saw VEX as a great opportunity to advance my technical skills and help to improve my overall teamwork.