NHS ESR - Sweating The Asset!

NHS ESR - Sweating The Asset!

By Neil Everatt
03 March 2016

The NHS has an incredibly powerful workforce payroll and HR system at its heart. Based on Oracle technology, ESR (Electronic Staff Record) has been deployed by the vast majority of the NHS For many years. It holds data on the 1.4M people employed by the NHS, making it the biggest employer in Europe and the fifth largest employer in the world. 
The information held by ESR is huge and there is a great opportunity to do some really cool things with it.  In 2016, employees around the world expect to access their work tasks using modern technologies, through items such as like smartphones and tablets. Using the best, most efficient and up to date technologies has a real positive impact on employee morale, they feel great about the company they work for and it makes their lives easier. It shows the company cares about them by giving them the best tools for the job.

When we go online shopping or use a smartphone app we expect the user experience to be simple and intuitive. ESR provides an interface for approved organisations to interact with its data, offering the NHS new ways to increase efficiency and enhance morale of the workforce by being given the very best tools for the job.

Selenity (formerly Software Europe) are long term users of the bi-directional ESR interface as our products utilise this information to intuitively populate the correct information, in the correct fields, on the correct forms. The supporting apps provide the NHS workforce with a great way to work remotely, recording information that is then synchronised with ESR.  

Our cloud products remove a ton of manual processes, reduce payroll errors, provide secure payment transactions and we’re excited about the next phase of ESR interaction. ER Tracker is a HR solution for managing employee relations cases and sits perfectly next to ESR. Providing the HR teams with a great user experience through a clean intuitive browser based interface, the next step is now approaching and with the excellent support of the ESR Central Team we will utilise the ESR interface once again to increase efficiency and maintain compliance with its workforce processes.