Innovation Snowballs!

Innovation Snowballs!

By Katie Wright
09 March 2016

Innovative is one of the company values that Selenity (formerly Software Europe) must live by to continue to be competitive and a market leader. This isn’t lived just through our products, but throughout the companies day to day activities and every single one of my colleagues.

In the Business Support department we have implemented a continuous improvement cycle to identify where we can improve our processes to make them more streamlined and where technology can be used to help achieve this. Some changes are large, for example, moving the paper based workstation assessment to a cloud based Display Screen Equipment training and assessment module to embrace technology and save time. Others are smaller, more incremental changes that end up snowballing into larger changes over time.

We are currently implementing our GreenLight technology further within Selenity’s processes and using it for requisition, contract request, authority to recruit and new starter forms. Not only does this automation streamline the HR processes for recruitment, but other benefits include the sending of automatic reminders, provides an auditable process and paper forms are gone. This nicely dovetails into another project of improving our sustainability by reducing paper process, phew! It’s all go go go!

Speaking of sustainability, we evaluate all areas of the business and look to improve. We have new external light regulators fitted to stop light timers having to be adjusted as nights draw out and draw in. These are programmed to know the average sunrise time throughout the months of the year and as such, turn off according to this which means minimal adjusting (rather than every few weeks), a more reliable and accurate system and saving on energy. 

As we continue to innovate, ideas in all of our departments seem to lead onto other ideas and so the changes and ideas keep on growing like a snowball!