42 Volts Will Be Back

42 Volts Will Be Back

By Lewis Hughes
30 March 2016

After the nail-biting competition at the VEX Robotics national finals the 42 Volts team came into the Selenity (formerly Software Europe) office to tell us all about the event, and to meet our team. 

The team of 5 pupils from the Priory Academy LSST School entered the competition for the first time this year and went all the way from the qualifiers to the Semi Finals in Birmingham. With aspirations of making it to the final in America, the team did exceptionally well to make it as far as they did, especially as it was their first time competing. Many of the teams already had experience in the competition under their belts, so watch out next year as 42 Volts will be back!  

42 Volts VisitThe team popped by the office, met our colleagues and chatted all things tech before an impromptu demonstration of their robot to the whole Selenity team. We sat and talked to 42 Volts about the finals, their highs and lows of the competition and the team’s hopes for the future. 

“The highlights for the final were mainly the excitement and tension involved in the competition, we also enjoyed the few moments we could spend away from the competition during the day which allowed us to look around The Big Bang Fair and visit the many stalls exhibiting.

On reflection there are a few things we would have done differently. Firstly, we would have used a catapult instead of a flywheel as it proved to be a superior method due to the faster rate of fire. We would have also used mecanum wheels in order to have a robot which could strafe. Additionally the robot would have performed better with a four motor drive instead of the two wheeled drive it has currently. Finally, to build a larger name for the team we would have started blogging earlier in the season, in order to try and form relations between teams and build publicity before the event. 

The sponsorship money from Selenity helped us to feel more like a team at the event, it allowed us to buy team jumpers with our team name and logo, wearing our own branded clothing portrayed us as serious competitors showing off our sponsor’s logos with pride. The money will also help our attempt next year as we have been able to purchase aluminium parts and mecanum wheels which will enable us to make a more competitive robot.

It’s certainly not the end for 42 Volts, we will be entering next year’s competition, with greater knowledge and experience of the competition we believe that we will be able to make an attempt at the world finals and look forward to the challenge.”