42 Volts, The Story So Far

42 Volts, The Story So Far

By 42 Volts
10 March 2016

With the VEX Robotics National Finals fast approaching, we found out a bit more about 42 Volts and their journey to the national finals. If you want to know more about why they joined the team, check out our earlier blog.

To see what the VEX Robotics Competition is all about, find out more here.

After establishing the 42 Volts team and developing the robot, we entered the regional heats. The first heat didn't go so well and we were beaten, however we knew how we needed to improve. At this point we couldn't produce a gear ratio with enough power which meant our firing range for the ball was too short. Working together, we figured out how to solve this and altered the internal gear ratios of all of the motors. With that problem resolved we are currently working on improving the accuracy before the national finals by using more advanced programming. We have also managed to conserve energy by reducing drive shaft vibrations. The second heat went much better, we got a very high score and qualified for the national finals.

Being a part of 42 Volts has been really rewarding as we've faced each challenge head on and used each team members strengths to problem solve and improved our technical knowledge as we've developed the robot.

42 Volts Team

The VEX Robotics competition has a comprehensive set of rules and standards and so working within those has been challenging. These include only using official VEX supplied parts so that the competition is fair, this was expensive to do so we needed sponsorship money to improve our equipment prior to the finals. When we first went looking for sponsorship we didn't have any luck until we approached Selenity (formerly Software Europe). They were very friendly and we thought that being a technology company, it related with the engineering and IT required to build the robot.

Although we're nervous, we're really looking forward to the finals which will take place at the NEC in Birmingham. Our goal is to qualify through the first few rounds and we'd love to reach the semi-finals.